Daren is joined by Katie Guay (1:26), the first woman official to referee an AHL game and one of the first four women to officiate at the NHL level, working in an NHL Prospect Tournament. The conversation with Guay covers a lot, including how she got her start in officiating, her style when dealing with players (5:40), and how she balances her regular 9 to 5 job with her officiating assignments. She explains the significance of being the first woman to drop the puck on an AHL game, talks about the intensity of the USA/Canada women's rivalry, and discusses the process of climbing the officiating ranks... What are her long-term goals, and how does she plan on achieving them? She schools Daren on some of ins and outs of refereeing (16:00) and shares a few great stories, including the whereabouts of her first AHL jersey and how working the NHL Prospect Tournament in Anaheim led to an appearance on her favorite game show (40.00).

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